On the Horizon: draflyncu, Gulp.

Alas, not a day goes by when the unspoken demise of the Super Furry Animals doesn't return to mind in order that it may cruelly torment round these parts. Head honcho Gruff Rhys has of course been more than accommodating over their absence, lavishing those enslaved in lament with a variety of wide-ranging side and lopsided projects (perhaps most notably last year's superlative Hotel Shampoo solo effort). This from SFA bassist Guto Pryce deviates rather more from paths collectively ambled however: a collaborative endeavour alongside Cardiffian Lindsey Leven, Game Love is a nostalgic joy bathed in a shimmering sort of ethereality; reminiscent of lost Nancy Sinatra recording propped up by a quintessentially Pryce, lumbering yet loveable bass line and perched atop a vividly surreal backdrop of various samples, squelches and sci-fi drones. Hypnotic in essence, it's like the past projectile puked into present and, fingers and toes crossed, future too.