On the Horizon: Hissing Husbands, Savages.

In all likelihood you're probably already well aware of intimidatory London noisenik post-punks Savages. Heck; you've presumably already caught them live. If not, they're up early on Eat Your Own Ears' stage at next month's Field Day, and they're a quite spectacular proposition within such a context. However on record, they've up 'til now be a rather less qualitative quantity. Husbands, one half of the quartet's debut single that is to be released digitally this and physically next month on lead vocalist Jehnny Beth's Pop Noire label, changes all that somewhat: a devastating twitch of rollicking drums plagued by pangs of bass-shaped paranoia, it's an unmistakably petrifying introduction for the as yet uninitiated. Beth vocally scowls quite gloriously too as the track climaxes, hissing its title as though the proposal of marriage were the worst eventuality supposable. She was plausibly left breathless in the wake of this final take and indeed it's an appositely breathtaking debut.