On the Horizon: The Way to Poledo.

Poledo doesn't particularly sound like the work of an artist from anywhere just off the M4 although Andrew W.K. doesn't sound like the kinda guy to shift a shit-ton of records either. This lo-fi loveliness courtesy of Evan Clements is unlike the sanguine musical outpour of W.K. in almost every sense although Death Of A Friend (At The Hands Of Evil Robots) is the sort of jam you'd want to have smeared all over you at any and indeed every party frequented over the remaining course of this swiftly evaporating annum. Recorded in the cleverest of stereo, its nonchalant guitars swoop from one ear to t'other in accordance with the lackadaisical sway of the song. Don headphones and indulge therefore.

Poledo's Bandcamp.