Drifting to Dive, The Antlers.

Sometime back around springtime, The Antlers never quite fully requited the capital's burgeoning infatuation with Peter Silberman's lugubrious troupe. However that night they aired a murky number by the name of Drift Dive that we then discerned as being "endowed with such lush crunch." It's an affirmation we still stick to, and more thalassic than then on record it's as alluring as a reef of anemones silently swaying in crestfallen synchronicity. The lead track to a forthcoming EP appositely entitled Undersea (out July 30th via Transgressive) which also, intriguingly, features a lil' something by the name of Zelda it's one to let wash over you with a reverb-soused grace.

The Antlers' Bandcamp.