On the Horizon: Lovebird's Back, Chelsea Light Moving.

If Sonic Youth may be forever deemed one of the better band names out there amid those gramatically incorrect or obnoxious innumerables then Chelsea Light Moving is one of substantially less appeal. The common denominator, however, is Thurston Moore and together with the band that back him up when riding solo (hence now plausibly for the entirety of his living eternity) he and they constitute the latter. Consider this, then, an aural introduction to their more artistically collaborative future: Burroughs, a presupposed ode to Missouri beatnik William S. Burroughs ("Hey Billy! What are your last words? Hey Billy! Who are the lovebirds?" Moore at one point yelps over prime dissonance), is a wonderfully scrappy post-punk hurtle that screeches like hijacked hotrod. Lyrically, it's Moore returning to the boyish whimsy of an angst-ridden adolescent endowed with a politically-charged pen for the first time since clattering into perceived adulthood which makes a refreshing change from, say, the meandering acoustics of Demolished Thoughts. Its closing minute also resembles the sort of stoner rock leviathan Sleep fish out from thick hash fug to constitute an out-and-out 'full-length', which is also kinda alright. Consider this a Junkie's Promise that invigorating things are starting to happen then...

DOWNLOAD: Chelsea Light Moving, Burroughs.

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