Recharged, Cat Power.

More than less of us will doubtless have experienced that dismal numbness that sinks to the bottom of your soul when the last petal of a once blossoming romance falls. Some seek a therapeutic form of catharsis in self-shearing, and that's what Chan Marshall went and did following the dissolution of her amorous attachment to Lost In Translation man Giovanni Ribisi. Ruin is the first track to be outed from forthcoming LP Sun, which just so happens to be the first original Cat Power effort since the phenomenal The Greatest way back when. Or way back in '06 to cut the facts to a rather more precise degree. A surprisingly buoyant attempt – Metal Heart shot to jagged smithereens considered – Marshall recites and sighs via a refined hope an unending list of places she's been: "I've been to Saudi Arabia, Dakar, Calcutta. Soweto, Mozambique, Istanbul, Rio, Rome. Argentina, Chile, Méjico, Taiwan. Great Britain" in breathless locution reminiscent of Kate Bush's π that you'd perhaps read as puerile oneupmanship, were she not so darn lovely. Either way, it's an ineffable pleasure to have her back...

DOWNLOAD: Cat Power, Ruin.

Sun is expected September 3rd on Matador.