Tell 'Em What It Is, Lana...

I've never really learnt to fully appreciate whatever faintly misogynistic, glint-toothed fare it is that A$AP Rocky peddles and indeed only upon exposure to Lana Del Rey's expertly tailored live thang earlier on in the month did I come to in any way comprehend what the heck the woman behind the tugged, pulled and perfected features was really about. Provided she in any way purveyed her personality back at Sónar and not purely that of the Nabokov-styled persona she's seemingly irrevocably adopted.

There's no denying, however, that Born To Die epitomised the quintessential hit/miss LP (hits: Without You, Radio, Dark Paradise; misses: Off To The Races, that atrociously reworked Diet Mountain Dew, National Anthem) yet here, alongside Rocky, she may have found her true calling: the KickDrums-produced My Bitch (Ridin'), initially intended to feature on the Brooklyn producers' Follow The Leaders mixtape, is now to feature on Rakim Mayers' studio debut LongLiveA$AP and with 'Del Rey reduced to mere backing beau; to but a peripheral "object of your affection" she finally thrives. She goes on to muse on her "Mr. Yum: delicious to the maximum/ Chew him up like bubblegum", before rhyming flavour with... flavour in that now inimitable, side-mouthed stilted slur of hers. Now that she's rhyming alongside a purported bad boi she seems rather coy and quite innocent. Oddly... Tell 'em what it is, Lana? Well, it's a remarkably complimentary collab, that's what.

LongLiveA$AP is expected September 11th. Obviously.