On the Horizon: Breaking, Big Wave.

It'd be all too easy to revert to hyperbolic, hackneyed musings on Torquay five-piece Big Wave surfing atop crashing crescendi; as sounding as jingly and jangly as their native Devon seashore is shingly but there's something so invitingly nostalgic to Circumstance that it makes you wanna slurp it up like an exorbitant iced fruit tube. It's a nostalgia that's only fleeting however, the track fizzling out after just a few moments which only serves to imbue it with that sense of hopeless longing to accompany every wistful return from the seaside, sand still firmly lodged within the webs of feet. They bonded over a shared interest in alcohol (amongst other things we assume) and recall fellow South Coast indie pop stalwarts The Popguns, thus they're now embedded in our good books with a commensurate rigidity.

Big Wave's Soundcloud.