On the Horizon: Every Way Nice, SLUTEVER.

Yet more buzzy scuzz with a CAPS LOCK-molesting moniker stitched into its very fabric, Philadelphia's SLUTEVER are utterly Uhhhhhhh-MAZING. The duo comprise Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi, and seemingly take as much from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as they do Beavis and Butt-Head; as much from Beth Cosentino as Robert Smith's Bloodflowers. Purposefully self-effacing, if they may brand their rambunctious Pretend To Be Nice EP of yesteryear 'bratpunk'; 'shit-fi' then commensurately knowingly they cough and splutter fuzzy hairballs of messy raucousness that gradually snowball until they explode in exhausted climax. I Can Dream The Rest Away proves a punk anomaly in that it stumbles over the three-minute mark although it's the frankly sensational tum-thumping, whistle-cheeked epics of So Prone we'd most vehemently condone.