Speeding. Maserati.

When first exposed to the entitling of the forthcoming fifth from Athens, Georgia's Maserati you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd taken up an indecent ad proposal for a similarly forthcoming four-wheeler. Well wipe such preconception from the mind as though a skidmark still smeared across Silverstone tarmac, for Maserati VII is to come screeching into your existence sooner rather than later. Expected October on Brooklyn's ever excellent Temporary Residence Limited, it'll be a scorching return to form if The Eliminator is anything of an accurate yardstick: like Explosions In The Sky's Take Care, Take Care, Take Care effort with said yardstick ignited and subsequently shoved up unspeakable orifice, it's a right old rollocker that, appositely, grinds through the gears as it accelerates toward exhaustion. Turn it up whilst the four-piece tear it up, we'd reckon were these MacBook speakers not so unfeasibly shitty.