On the Horizon: Easing the Krank, Loscil.

As with The Luyas just yesterday, this one perhaps oughtn't come under the banner of On the Horizon; Canadian compatriot Scott Morgan's been creeping unsuspectingly along the thing for quite some time now under the shadowy guise of Loscil. Having signed with Kranky back in '01 (the label to have furnished us with one of, if not our LP of the year thus far in Lotus Plaza's Spooky Action At A Distance) and then going on to release some five full-lengths on the experimental Chicago indie, again somewhat deplorably we've only just wrapped ears around this chap. Coyote, released from the placid soundscapes of forthcoming collection Sketches From New Brighton, builds slower than an Irish plaza although does so with great reward as it unfurls like an alluring bloom, all muffled synths and gentle static lull.

Sketches From New Brighton is expected September 10th.