On the Horizon: Sleep Deprivation & Drone, Gimu.

The consternation: Will I Ever Sleep Well Again? was one that rang perturbingly true back in Barça for this year's Sónar. Perspiring profusely on the gummiest, most oppressive of leather sofas mid-afternoon I feared I may never achieve any form of shuteye ever again. Mild neurosis and slight insomnia aside however Vila Velha, Brazil's drone ambientalist Gimu is something of a dream: this one lifted from the hypochondriacally entitled EP All The Intricacies Of An Imaginary Disease, Will I Ever Sleep Again? is an acerbic lull plagued with a nagging static and what sound akin to the swelling, moaning vocals of the deceased to make for a quite frightful concoction of swirling dark potency. The Rio carnival this ain't, although it sure could rival it for staggering dramaturgy.