SFX, Teengirl Fantasy.

If there's anyone out there to have indulged in the entirety of Teengirl Fantasy's Tracer who's any pointers as to getting unhooked from the thing, answers on an email please. A direct and dramatically improved take on the chillwave glitchery of the d├ębut 7AM, it's a truly staggering release and although Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi may well have already thrown up its most heady minutes in End, this futuro-fashioned R'n'B slab featuring Los Angelina Kelela elucidates the consistent qualities to come. Her breathy sighs, squeals and in-betweens tinkered with amidst clangourous ratchet percussions EFX is precisely the sort of pop track to have the charts in a discombobulated tizz, had they not already been hit for six by Chris Brown & co.

Tracer is out August 20th on R&S Records / True Panther Sounds.