Talkin' 2 U, John Cale.

Despite operating behind the notoriously phallic Andy Warhol artwork of The Velvet Underground & Nico, even co-scribing the likes of Sunday Morning and The Black Angel's Death Song Carmarthenshire's John Cale rather unjustly resided in the shadows of she and he, he being Lou Reed for a little too long prior to departing in '68. Now ready to return with a new LP – his umpteenth solo effort – entitled Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood, he's the undimmed star of this particular show and this time comes enwrapped in the sort of sleeve expected of Ariel Rosenberg's demented sonic escapades. And it's not only that streak of fluoro fringe that's worth diving out of Olympic pandemonium a moment to admire either: I Wanna Talk 2 U, all txt spk epithet, spanks of glorified yet always glorious nostalgia as it waltzes with the infrangible nonchalance of Roxy Music's Atlantic Years and the sort of infectious chorus his gwladwr Tom Jones once filled furled bras with.
Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood is expected on Domino imprint Double Six October 1st.