Vanderbilt Wealth, Empty Pools.

Struggling to recall the last time a band emerged not only in such a fully formed state, but also erupted with such consistently invigorating song once intrigue be ignited. Ours may now be deemed aflame re: Bristol-based four-piece Empty Pools who instantaneously enamoured with Vanderbilt Cup and cajoled deeper into a homely sense of seduction with its follow-up, Exploded View. Finally set to furnish with something physical, Battle Worldwide Recordings are to release one of those double-sided plasticky thingies come September 10th and in subversively flipping things around we'll start with Absentees and consequently savour the (only marginally) better for last. Needless to say a deficiency in quality is again evaded quite extravagantly, and Absentees exudes a tumultuous cool as Pritchard coos with a quite '90s proclivity: "No one sleeps in the cars tonight." All natural harmonics and visceral riffage, more thrilling than the most debauched drive-thru flick imaginable is this. Inclusive of kissing, canoodling and general backseat smut.

However it's the first of two A-sides, Safety School, which again condenses down an ATP-edged education into just shy of five lullaby-like minutes. A little like Wild Beasts reverted listenable only to gently ravage The Optimist LP with a rustle and an ever sensual rouse, it's arguably the troupe's most tender – and with it triumphant recording to date.

Empty Pools' Soundcloud.