Beamy Daze, Tennis.

Having swapped the lulling seas for dry land, Tennis' journey from Cape Dory through to Young & Old was smoother than the verdant blades to coat Centre Court, primarily as their lustrous indie pop carries enough slight idiosyncrasies to birth infinite variations on a theme that has, thus far, proven thoroughly fun. For we mere landlubbers it was nigh on impossible to not be swept away by their sun-soused harmonies and song folly in the key of gentle melancholia, and in that respect absolutely diddly-squat has changed as they cover Television's berceuse-styled Marquee Moon standout, Guiding Light. Then, Tom Verlaine's androgynous tenor brought softness to the fuzzy '70s strings entangled beyond. Now, Alaina Moore's peerless trill brings a sharp bite to the slushy rock of hubby Patrick Riley on what is one of my favourite covers since the couple brought The Zombies' Tell Her No back from the dead of impenetrably dusted 12" collections.

Tennis' Soundcloud.