On the Horizon: Erebus and Terror, Untitled Fruit Company.

Untitled Fruit Company may not be the most immediately appealing of nom de plumes, just as Erebus and Terror may not be the most intelligible of album titles although there's a thoroughly direct accessibility to that produced by the man behind the moniker. Oft only penning musics for his own mirth or for unspecified videogames, there may not be nowt in a name but when there's this much electronica-flecked emotivity in each and every equation then all these superficial, finer details can be smudged out into insignificance. The title track proves a gutsy maelstrom of xylophones, robotic samples, and riveting live drums as it thus replicates Clark's unfathomable ability to cross-pollinate the organic with the electronic. Fruit well worth picking, is this one and the album can be acquired for absolutely diddly here.

Untitled Fruit Company's Soundcloud.