On the Horizon: On TOPS.

Montréal slo-psych five-piece TOPS gifted us with one of this year's unheralded triumphs in Tender Opposites, a record brimming with a lovelorn smoulder that still hasn't been afforded anywhere near the sort of acclaim it merits despite carrying oozes of loose marvel in its backpocket alone. Cashing in on their burgeoning appeal however, this fluid newbie entitled Easy Friends glides off the back of a limited white 7" release of LP gleamer Diamond Look (released next week on French label Atelier Ciseaux) with what has already become a trademark pop nostalgique. Everything Mature Themes saw Ariel Rosenberg fail to grow into and more, it's again some utterly sublime schtuff from these most jejune imps of Arbutus.

TOPS' Bandcamp.