On the Horizon: Renaissance Dawning, The Revival Hour.

Nothing has, upon this far from merry, merry morn, made me long to slosh about in the reservoirs building about London contemporarily quite like this from The Revival Hour. This revitalising creative coming together – staged in Rochester, NY – unites Sufjan Stevens' go-to guy DM Stith and John Mark Lapham of beardy Atlantic straddlers The Earlies in the most harmonious of artistic matrimonies. And Pyre, their first internet outing, is a soft and sly uplifter to recall Patrick Watson were the Canadian crooner ever again to drift anywhere near Close To Paradise. As heartwarming and lung-choking as any November 5th, a brambly renaissance begins now and continues all the way through to Le Guess Who? and beyond. We determinedly presume.

The Revival Hour's Soundcloud.