Pieces of a Band Beloved, Fear Of Men.

Back when we first laid ears on Fear Of Men you could practically sense the asbestos quivering in some South Coast garage, so it's a joy to have them sounding as wholesome as they do on Mosaic. That they've now adopted fuzzy samples of oration à la the Manics' Know Your Enemy is quietly astounding, even. It's Jess' detached vocals, however, that carry this one as they recall those of Dolores O'Riordan circa Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? as she pains: "Break me into pieces/ To feel safe/ Like it's normal." Mercifully an ever-present irregardless of recent line up reconfigurations, Fear Of Men here also hang onto that little bit of Brighton that's in all that they do. For Mosaic is the nostalgia-sodden sound evocative of the well-wishing of a dearly beloved as they tumble out to an uncertain fate upon the high seas of the English Channel. Paint us all green and windswept.

Mosaic is released on limited blue 7" via Too Pure October 15th.