Pistols in the Sigh if you feel the vibe, Liars.

In your face even when not necessarily there, Antipodean miscreants Liars have thankfully been something of a 2k12 omnipresent thus far. Whether further deteriorating the sanity of anything in earshot with WIXIW, or disappointing in broad daylight at June's Field Day Angus Andrew et al. have never been far from our perpetually twitchy attentions. Here providing the penultimate release of the Adult Swim 2012 Singles Program (a rather sterling compilation now comprising the likes of The Field & FlyLo & Gauntlet Hair) the expertly named Point Your Pistols To The Sigh is a thunderous hunk of motorik threat that's almost more palpitation/pulsation than song per se. Were one to dare to envisage Fuck Buttons slogging it out with Laibach over Geburt Einer Nation it'd probably only sound a fraction as ruinous as this static trudge.

DOWNLOAD: Liars, Point Your Pistols To The Sigh.

Liars play London's Scala October 16th.