Quagga Brew, Xiu Xiu.

Picked from the same basket although hatched from a very different egg to Alex Zhang Hungtai's contribution to Kingfisher Bluez' Single-Sided Singles Series: Vancouver DIY comes this putrid blitz of glitchy menace, courtesy of Jamie Stewart. The man's been darn prolific thus far this year under the guise of Xiu Xiu, outing the unconventionally breathtaking Always, getting back down to business with Italian vanguardists Larsen, and indeed even hooking up with Hungtai for a Record Store Day split. However none of that veers anywhere near as outrĂ© as Quagga: a thoroughly disconcerting mesh of portentous sirens, statics and so on, it's perhaps what the future would sound like were it to crash like a great, big clump of Windows 95.

DOWNLOAD: Xiu Xiu, Quagga.

Xiu Xiu.