Swathed in Blue, Lana Del Rey.

First came Blue Jeans, and now Lana Del Rey slips into the perennially seminal Blue Velvet. Truth be known, LDR's concertedly sultry croon couldn't be better suited to Bobby Vinton's Lynchian swoon and, recorded for a forthcoming H&M ad campaign, it'll undoubtedly be one to have the rabid droves descending on their nearest high street, the bittersweet sound of '86 sweeping each and every credulous consumer down each and every last claustrophobic aisle and all the way through to the checkout. Doubt and despise all you like, but Del Rey's becoming ever more formidable a performer both live and, by the seems of it, on LP.

DOWNLOAD: Lana Del Rey, Blue Velvet.

Lana Del Rey plays the Roundhouse September 25th as part of this month's iTunes Festival.