All That Glitters, Bat For Lashes.

I've endured something of a love/ lukewarm rapport with Andrew Butler's Hercules and Love Affair, although after a superbly flamboyant showing beneath the taut canvases of the Priceless London Wonderground a couple months back, I'm swinging back toward the former. And this rework of Bat For Lashes' current one, All Your Gold, only jacks up the doting. This Is My Love, to cite the smutty low fidelity house of the d├ębut, and it's utterly smooth. Disco deeper than most pizza pans down around Manhattan's Lower East, it's a pretty radical restructuring of what was once a beast of primordial ethereality. Could do with another weekend to get deep down and groovy to Butler's latest vision, really.

Natasha Khan releases The Haunted Man next week (October 15th).