Anti-Techno, Sam Willis.

This one's down on the Soundcloud as 'Techno', although the genre to me has always carried a rather explicit intimation of a throbbing, gristly menace: dark, and brooding, and somehow dangerous. The first thing I've heard from Sam Willis' forthcoming d├ębut solo full-length Winterval is nothing of the sort. Conversely, Frozen/Cirrus is just about the most celebratory slab of hallucinogenic electronica since the majority of that which was crystallised within Coracle. Which ought to be a source of little incredulity, given that Willis makes up one half of Walls alongside Adriatic Coast viber Alessio Natalizia. Flying solo a moment, the impetus on the idiom ought fall on flying, for Willis really seems to have hit it off right from the off: Frozen/Cirrus is the sound of the world spinning giddily on its axis, eyes fixated skywards and feet barely fastened to the earth below. It's hugely intricate yet never overcomplicated; heady yet never enough so to induce any form of hangover. Then, just shy of the four-minute mark, it darn well blooms out into something to doctor my ailing faith in all forms of nightlife powered by laptops and liquor. Technically impeccable, start through finish.

Winterval is anticipated November 5th on Half Machine.