Back Post-Breather, Local Natives.

It was with a hefty heart that we bid adieu to Californian soft-rock minstrels Local Natives a fair ol' while ago, yet it's with an equally protracted sigh of genuine relief that we greet this, their exultant return. Inevitably, musically, Breakers isn't exactly all that exultant. Atrabilious as ever, it'd appear that Taylor Rice et al. haven't as yet emerged from under the veil of melancholic mourning from beneath which the seminal 'n' sullen Gorilla Manor emerged, but we wouldn't have 'em any other way. Rice coos with an almost avifaunal precision of the band's proclivity for emotive wallowing, as he exhales perhaps the most prosaic couplet of the year thus far: "I know nothing's wrong, but I'm not convinced/ Breathin' out, hoping to breathe in." Well worth respiring for, as guitars in a distant backdrop moan in glorious dolour.

Breakers is lifted from Local Natives' forthcoming sophomore, Hummingbird, which is anticipated early next year.