Bloomin' Back, Blue Hawaii.

Blue Hawaii's Blooming Summer kept us warm throughout a bitter winter a couple years back, and the pairing comprising BRAIDS' Raphaelle Standell-Preston and Alex Cowan, the acquaintance that instantaneously became accomplice, here return with their most polished spheres of impeccably rounded sound to date. Thankfully, they've a full-length a little more full due out early next year by the name of Untogether, and to tide us over 'til then we've this two-parter into which we may dive, to which we may jive, and again chase away the frostbite. The first segment of In Two takes a tenderly processed vocal – Standell-Preston sighing: "Oh God/ Has left me/ In two/ Not knowing where to go" as further harmonies oscillate about her inimitably peach-soft tones – only to soon break out into a grubby, tribalistic skulk. Immediately evocative of both Eye Contact and Visions it's a finely tweaked and meticulously honed composition of unconventional, yet in no way underdone lo-fi techno. Standell-Preston's vocals hem the thing into place – they're the perfect fit; both versatile and vulnerable – although that they're largely absent from its second part allows the seemingly Jiaolong-inspired R'n'Beat thriller to speak up for itself. Arbutus are onto another winner, or so it'd prematurely seem with, with Untogether.

DOWNLOAD: Blue Hawaii, In Two / In Two II.

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