Coming Glossy, Telepathe.

Brooklyn coldwave pairing Telepathe have been absent for internet aeons too long. '09 début Dance Mother may be a distant reality, although its legacy has proven quite lasting and it's still stuck on more or less monthly round these parts. Injecting a little actuality into the playlist, however, is Destroyer. Originally released a little while back, it's here been remastered by the man behind the mixing desk for many a Telepathe effort previous, Dave Sitek. And, furthermore, it's to be released as a limited heavyweight 12" picture disc on the TVOTR guru's newly founded Federal Prism label, the slipcase of which is to be personally silkscreened by he and the flipside of which is to feature a rework from none other than hammer-fisted dissonance breeder, T. Rez. The A-side though, which is up for streaming below, is a compelling electropop pièce de résistance that's as though Andy "Fletch" Fletcher giving Gang Gang Dance's Saint Dymphna a thorough going-over, and the girls never before wound up sounding quite so glossy.

That highly covetable 12" ships October 15th.