Flotus, Flying Lotus.

Not content with tracing an incendiary blaze through my every online manoeuvre (literally, every targeted ad is attempting to flog me Until The Quiet Comes contemporarily), no sooner has he dropped the LP than he's back into swing o' things, secreting this sublime instrumental beauty via Diplo & Friends' latest 1Xtra show. Arguably a little more elegant than anything featured on his recent fourth, Flotus sounds as though a certain associate by the urbane name of Alfred Darlington got his manicured paws on the track to spick and span whilst streaming some languid ambient. This one spurts undiluted Brainfeeder juice more so than anything Ellison has otherwise emitted to date and tastes delicious, nutritious, and all that.

DOWNLOAD: Flying Lotus, Flotus.

Flying Lotus plays The Troxy November 16th.