Hammering the Nail, Telepathe.

With How to destroy angels_ yesterday hammering Keep It Together into existence, it'd appear Trent Reznor's this week really turning the screw. Although if that one glinted with the baleful industry of With Teeth then this Telepathe rework is more closely aligned with the emotive crescendoes and tornadic guitars of The Fragile. A collaborative endeavour between T. Rez and longstanding NIN accomplices Alessandro Cortini and Atticus Ross (he accredited with co-compositional kudos on The Social Network soundtrack and production duties for every 'Nails full-length this side of 2k0) this particular remake of Destroyer backs up the original on a limited 12", only to brutalise it behind its black, waxy back. Paranoiac of verse although elate of chorus, it efficaciously condenses the Reznor ethos down into just shy of six exhaustive minutes. The dichotomy between pleasure and pain is key; the dynamic shifts between louder abrasion and quieter disconcertion elementary as ever, making the wait for regenerated Nine Inch Nails just that iota more antagonising.

Destroyer is released next week.