On the Horizon: Caraca! Cayucas.

If you, like me, have spent the entirety of this afternoon engulfed in that new LP from them post-rock leviathans now going by the moderated moniker, God's Pee, then this from Cayucas shall surely cut through the gloom like that luminous sunshine seemingly mass produced within their native Santa Monica searing through Californian smog. Newly signed to Indiana indie Secretly Canadian they are, as yet, just about the best kept secret on that particular roster. For Cayucos is West Coast breeze-pop at its most buoyant; tinged with a smudge of wistful abandon, yet still wholly exultant. Lyrically, it's all Balearic oohs and thalassic allegory as Zach Yudin flaunts his highly versatile vocal capacities. Inspired by all things estival (as well as that idiosyncratic rhythm from The Cure's Close To Me) and indeed utterly inspired, it makes for a darn striking introduction.