On the Horizon: The Début Portrayal Of, Solomon Grey.

It occurs every once in a while that an artist sounds so evocative of another that no piece scribed – online or elsewhere – fails to neglect this parallel. I've recently come to detect anything oneiric, yet at the same time infected with the in some way electronic to be likened quite unabashedly to Animal Collective. It's fucking shameless, and an exercise in which we've partaken so swift apologies for that self-deprecating, if utterly deflating outburst of complete hypocrisy. Solomon Grey though, a project purportedly split somewhere or other between the rather vague pinpoints of London and Australia, doesn't sound anything like Feels, nor Strawberry Jam, nor Merriweather Post Pavilion, nor Sung Tongs, nor any other Animal Collective LP I could care to list in order of preference. No, Solomon Grey's incendiary début proffer Firechild sounds like a prototypal TV On The Radio jacked up to the nines on a melodramatic strand of electropop. You know, the sort Kavinsky may pop out for a shameless € or two having just double dropped. As introductions go, Firechild is an ebullient and ecstatic insight into what may yet be and may, if only momentarily, force you into forgetting Centipede Hz ever existed.*

*Centipede Hz disclaimer: still thoroughly enjoying the record, personally.

Solomon Grey's Soundcloud.