On the Horizon: Fewer is Greater, Fews.

Are bands really still running with the whole faceless enigma thing? In the end it didn't exactly work any PR wonders for any of Summer Camp, or Silver Columns, or iamamiwhoami now, did it? In all likelihood one of, if not all of the aforesaid will have already faded from thought although as one byte of brain disintegrates from whence it came, another must surely materialise. And we'd encourage allowing shady sex-fi outfit Fews to muscle in on the body's most autocratic muscle. 10 Things is more or less the one thing known of these lo-fi n00bs, other than that they quite rightly align themselves with the eminence currently emanating from Captured Tracks, the NYC label their solitary Soundcloud follow. A racy, yet lusciously introspective indie sliver, not since the world arose to DIIV into the sonic scapes of Zachary Cole Smith has a d├ębut recording sounded quite so unassumingly refreshing.

Fews' Soundcloud.