On the Horizon: Life Anew, Girls Names.

Learning to love Captured Tracks is one of those invaluable lessons in internet listening. Stream anything over halfway decent that pertains to Mike Sniper's penchant for low fidelity recordings, and you wouldn't bet on the Brooklyn indie not to have had a hand at one time or another in any eventual successes. That's the case, needless to say really, with Belfast's Girls Names – Sniper et al. released the eponymous début EP back in 2010. Here we are in 2012, and although Girls Names may not be scrawled across Eastpaks and Fjällrävens worldwide just yet, The New Life is indubitably their most glorious effort to date. With a Race Horses jingle here and a Bunnymen jangle there, it's underpinned by this most robust of bass lines; mixed into one heck of a heady brew by aloof vocals of enticing disinterest. They're the sort you'd want to get intimate with, if only given their longing to be left alone for the track's 7-plus running time. A fling that's over all too soon.

Girls Names.