On the Horizon: Shot Through The Heart, Peace Arrow.

So a short while ago we brought you the tropical riddims of Hear Hums' Critters Canopy and today, as the rains fall upon the metropolitan greyscale forestry of London, we've the quite incisive d├ębut recording from Mitch Myers' side project of sorts, Peace Arrow, to fire off in your general direction. Paw Tracks possessors Animal Collective remain an apparent inspiration, although Gems refracts the warm organicity of the ever underappreciated Feels LP of '05 as it weaves its way into the mossy dampness of the mind like a verdant shrub worming through soils and sedimentary stuffs, down towards the core of our earth. Processed groans of "ragged roads" combine with oriental twangs, and birdsong, and shiny bursts of string in a track capable of illuminating even the gloomiest of Mondays.