On the Horizon: Venomously Fruitful, Snow Wite.

A couple years back, I got immovably hooked on a track entitled Newports from a band by the name Golden Girls. They may have disbanded, although of course nothing ever really vanishes from the cabling of the internet once hooked up intravenously, and that one can still be picked up right here; right now. However, the spearhead (and self-professed 'Mastermind') of that particular project, Andy Cary, now has his teeth stuck into Snow Wite, a neo-psych endeavour concertedly devoid of distinct categorisation. An EP entitled .​.​.​As Psychedelic Days Go By released back in August and recorded over in L.A. begins with the highly distinctive sound of an orchestra tuning up – the type to traditionally soundtrack the dimming of the auditorium lighting. Had Cary really turned classical on our scrawny asses you'd wonder what'd gone wrong, so vivifying was his reckless brand of breakneck lo-fi, though overdriven guitars soon inevitably shred through the quietude, fulfilling every expectation as 300ยบ bubbles up into life. "I simmer right up like a diamond", Cary proclaims, even. Although it's the embracive scuzz of Aphrodite that seduces like the most succulent of noxious apples. Woozy as Ariel Pink mangled out on The Sophtware Slump, it's a triumph. Crunch.