One Last Rargh, Four Tet.

So there's nothing particularly finite about this Jamie xx rework of Kieran Hebden's Lion as the above title may intimate, although it's an agreeable returning of the favour by way of which Four Tet put his spin on The xx' Angels last month. The skittering original proved a pinnacle of Hebden's furtive latest full-length of sorts, Pink, a compilation released to the tune of minimal fanfare and primarily comprising previously released tracks from limited 12"s, and Smith here warps it beyond most recognition. As though trampled all over in mucky sneakers grubbed with that inky liquid that always seems to coat the floors of Corsica Studios, it's transmogrified into a flatulent, bass-laden brute of a thing; minimal, yet delivered with maximum oomph. Probably better suited to a Friday than it may be a Monday, we can already envisage spinning this one out 'til next weekend inevitably comes.