Skewed Bop, Bryan Ferry.

Such is my reverence for Roxy Music I once went to do the strand with a pretty darn deplorable tribute act barely operating under the sparkly foundation and faintly amusing moniker of Proxy Music. That was a purgatorial experience, although this one's certainly the fruit of Geoffrey of Monmouth's self-sufficient Avalon utopia. Don't Stop the Dance is the first track to be parped out of a forthcoming LP entitled The Jazz Age which, recorded by The Bryan Ferry Jazz Orchestra and to be released November 26th, is to comprise honky-tonk retakes of classic Roxy trax including Virginia Plain, Love Is The Drug and The Bogus Man, alongside reworks of Ferry's very own top pops This Island Earth, The Only Face, and Slave To Love. Once a slow-burning '80s electropop brood (and, coincidentally, co-written by Rhett Davies, sound engineer on Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) and co-producer of this here record) Don't Stop the Dance now sounds as though chewed up and spat out like moist snuff from the mouth of BenoƮt Charest, such is its smoky allure. In allowing his songs 'a life without words', it seems as though his ageless melodies are to live on speaking for themselves.

The Jazz Age is anticipated November 26th.