Love Those Secret Days, School Of Seven Bells.

Few acts have been as consistently impressive over the past five or so years as School Of Seven Bells. They may have lost a Deheza twin since the heady days of Alpinisms; since Disconnect From Desire, even but they've lost none of the wispy, yet with that focussed propulsion to have thrust them up toward the apices of dream-pop in the first place. Ghostory too was, in places, a swoonsome beauty but this pseudo-industrial clodhopper tramples over much of it most impactfully. Secret Days is lifted from a forthcoming EP entitled Put Your Sad Down that's expected November 13th via Vagrant, and Secret Days is indeed a clunky hunk of industro-sulk. "Wanted the world to see me/ Without the fools and chains/ Wanted the world to know me/ Without the rules and games" goes Alejandra, as though preaching from the gospel of ignominy according to Trent. Put Your Sad Down and Secret Days on below.

More info on the imminent five-track here.