On the Horizon: Beaching Out, ▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲.

Some things are best left to coincidence, and D.C.'s dream-pop glinters ▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲ are certainly a band embracive of that. This, their début single proper, goes by the wingding-endeared name of Void Moon ☾, and was recorded in a North Carolina beach house. Which, you know, is inevitably serendipitous given that it sounds irrefutably redolent of a slightly electronica-infected take on Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally's wistful, distant cafard. They're a two-piece too, just to further the eerie sense of faint similarity, though Void Moon ☾ was instead reared on immoderate amounts of Fleetwood Mac according to guitarist Cliff Usher, 50% of ▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲ (I guess that makes ▼ ▲). For one final coincidence, October was whiled away recording down beside the seaside. However, the pair were forced to evacuate their chosen realm, given Sandy's imminence and it'd appear that they're now to whip up some softened turbulence all of their own with this one. Gentle bluster never sounded so forceful... ▼ ▲ GEMS ▼ ▲'s Soundcloud.