On the Horizon: Huggable Undulations, Frida Sundemo.

Indigo, our first insight into the synth-strewn worlds of Swedish chanteuse Frida Sundemo may not be the most innovative of listens, but since when has that ever impaired the unquantifiable successes of the electro-pop genre? Never, really. This one begins with the bloopy, somehow almost huggable undulations of Made In The Dark-era Hot Chip, before descending into a dangerously addictive, and utterly starry-eyed romp in which the dulcet, though unintelligible wails of men gyrate wildly against Sundemo's alluring coos. She's like Robyn waltzing with a rather more human sensibility, and yet still concealed deep within the tepid heart of the track resides that inimitably frosty Scandipop throb. Alien and altogether exotic as a direct consequence, it's pop fabricated of another echelon. One distant, but in many ways divine if Indigo be any indication. Frida Sundemo's Soundcloud.