Validity Emphazed? Daft Punk.

So. Electro-house heavyweights Daft Punk are due to return with a newfangled full-length in no way affiliated with Disney some time next year (slated to be next Spring, if unanticipated collaborator Chilly Gonzales is to be believed) and whilst cards, other assorted tricks, and MP3s have been kept as closely guarded as the robot rockers' retinas once installed within those all-flashing oversized braincases of theirs, we may here have a preliminary glimpse into that which is yet to come. First Q therefore: is Emphazed actually a Daft Punk track? Though I'm in no way qualified to comment with much veracity, I'd opt for a noncommittal could well be. Immaculately pieced together, it blips, builds and breaks in all the right sorts of places; is constructed of faintly neoclassical arpeggios, as is much of their illustrious back catalogue; and sounds far too polished to merely be the half-baked work of some perpetually stoned prĂ©tendant parisien. In my humble opinion. Chic mainstay Nile Rodgers is also purportedly working on the project and although his involvement with whatever this may be feels oracular at best, it's one to which everybody shall surely dance if le duo do indeed thaw out from the cryongenics and compute a couple shows this coming summer...

DOWNLOAD: Daft Punk (?), Emphazed.

Dots & Dashes assume no responsibility for any disappointments incurred if Emphazed transpires to be just another Kavinsky track.