On the Horizon: Beauty in the Belly of the Whale from Iori's Eyes

Imagine The xx brought up on a diet of Patrick Watson, Beach House and dreary Milanese days in place of smoky South London basements and Womack & Womack and you’d have a vaguely striking first impression of Iori’s Eyes. And Everything Fits In The Yellow Whale is the latest in a series of bi-annual zines as kitschly cute as micro pigs in push chairs, featuring a plethora of intriguing artwork and an EP by Milan’s prime purveyors of lo-fi glimmering glory. Both artistically and musically, Milan distinctly lacks definition yet through this innovative collection of scribbles, sketches and songs the surface of the underground, whilst not excavated, is certainly scratched. From the bleakly beautiful murky photography of distant seas and palm trees courtesy of Matteo Cremonesi and Iris Humm, all in keeping with the nautical Moby Dick-esque veins that gush through the zine, to the surrealist experimentations of Francesco Pirini and Gabriele Pala the music only serves to accentuate the wonderment that exists beneath the slithering fashion sheen that coats and corrupts the city.

From the hallucinogenic husk of Anchor, weighted by bolstering bass line and fluctuating keyboard flitters to woozy synth waves of As Always, Iori’s Eyes glint spectacularly in a paradisiacal bundle of broken reminiscence and heartfelt tangled traumas. You and I Grow Old falls just the right side of fairy tale-esque faux-pas in a twee as chocolate twigs ode to growing up, old and falling into control whilst The Boat rolls over wafting waves of acoustic bliss before crashing on the shores of scruffy crescendos. Iori’s Eyes open your senses to the cold side of the Italian easy-listening pillow, away from the dated dirge of Vasco Rossi, Neffa and Zucchero. And there’s not a rugged rucksack graffitied to within an inch of its life in sight.

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Photography courtesy of Ila Covolan.