Chilling Claustrophobia from Foals' Spanish Sahara

Despite racking up 17 iTunes plays in a mere three days, any firm verdict on the first glimpse into Yannis Philippakis' moody minstrels Foals' second effort, Total Life Forever expected mid-May is yet to be achieved. Spanish Sahara sprawls euphorically over seven minutes of chillingly claustrophobic, emotionally overpoweringly echoes and reverberating guitar chimes, climaxing in a precariously precise crescendo that sounds like mountain goats frantically scrabbling up snowy mountainsides, in a desperate attempt to avoid the icy gaze of Foals' now-lavishly bearded frontman. The video, if slightly egotistical on Philippakis' behalf, is phenomenally beautiful, shot in Sweden as opposed to an allegorical Saharan plain in Spain and being holed up in Gothenburg for all these months seems to have impacted fairly immensely on Oxford's prime peddlers of jaunty post-punk and firm believers in reaping the rewards of reverb. Either through a distinct lack of daylight up and over the barren landscapes of southern Scandinavia resulting in shaving being banished from the daily routine or out of energy saving necessity, Yannis' facial hair has grown considerably. Quite reminiscent of the utterly immeasurably terrifying Let The Right One In, Philippakis hauls about some sort of deceased deer in a plastic bag, trudging up and down hills, before incinerating everything. Maybe he's lost his marbles... Barriers of pretentious protection are still guarding the ice-cold perimeter of fort Foals and there can't be many bands audacious enough to sincerely serenade with the line "I see you lying there, like a lilo with no air". Regardless, Foals are seemingly most certainly still on track.
Foals - Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) by musicmule