On the Horizon: Going To War With Tobias Froberg

Swedish sounds are distinctly marked by a certain melancholic wonderment and producer-turned-apathetic dream pop pioneer Tobias Fröberg is far from exempt to such stereotype. Treading a similar street to the playful pondering of Miike Snow, Fröberg has produced records from the likes of Young Folk Peter Morén of Peter, Bjorn and John infamy and Moshi Moshi's very own Hackney upstart, the cocknbullkid. Forthcoming single When We Go To War crackles with a disjointed vocabulary and humming hammond organ, as swooning strings layer themselves over chilling piano melodies. Like a modern Morricone, When We Go To War could soundtrack sterlingly the majority of movies spawned outside of the debauched debacles of Hollywood. Set to tour with a pair of drummers, Tobias carries a surefire declaration of War against mediocrity and mainstream monotony.