On the Horizon: East Meets West For the Happiest of Mediums

In the words of Fergie's floundering Black Eyed Peas, there are few American acts capable of Meeting Halfway between the country's contradictory poles of East and West Coast. Estranged angel Bethany Cosentino's quite marvelous Best Coast does so quite splendidly, putting pen to paper and plectrum to strings in perpetual longing for Los Angeles whilst studying at New York's esteemed Eugene Lang College, threading technicolour strings across the states. From the lethargic lo-fi of When I'm With You to the gleeful snarls of Gloomy, Cosetino, formerly of Pocahaunted fame, could enchant the darkest of souls incandescently. Playing this year's Camden Crawl, she's set to alight hearts and minds, electrifying the festival circuit this year like an overcharged Scalextric vessel.
Best Coast - When I'm With You by Black Iris

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