On the Horizon: Let's Go Surfing, Just Not With The Drums...

Whilst these board masters may no longer be looming on a hazy horizon of fuzzy lo-fi surf pop, Surfer Blood have, to all extensive purposes, inexplicably missed their enlightening dawn. The West Palm Beach boys released their ecclesiastical LP Astrocoast back in the halfway house tides of January to an arrestingly muted audience, despite channeling the summery shades of Brooklyn's heinously hyped hipsters The Drums and afrobeat injections of Vampire Weekend. Whilst the likes of HURTS hide their cards as close to their chests as the smooched badges of football fiends, Surfer Blood dispelled any anticipation, laying cards and intentions humbly on the table of new wave pretenders. A certain Joe Lean provides ample amplification behind the justification of banishing bravado and giving baying bloggers exactly what they're eying up, in the form of a tangible tracklisting and accompanying album to grasp exactly where we're headed on their intelligible ebbs and flows through impeccable indie. Swim succumbs to the saccharine-stained success of early Weezer records, before a Lil' Wayne cameo was the stale icing on an inedible cake of crumby cock rock effort (Raditude) whilst Twin Peaks pits Pixies chord progressions against enigmatically uplifting choral crashes like white horses running havoc over Floridan shores.

The quartet fulfill a flooring tour of the US before heading over to the UK for this year's Camden Crawl, surfing into town for both days of Britain's 'Best Metropolitan Festival' on 1st and 2nd May. Let's Go Surfing in the darling buds of May, indeed. Wax optional.

Surfer Blood - Swim (To Reach the End) by nate.perry

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