On the Horizon: Spray Painting Graffiti6 Onto Soulful Hearts

If the comb-over soul of Daniel Merriweather got your juices squelching whenever it was he dropped briefly into chart hysteria, Graffiti6 ought probably be your next stop. Comprised of jovial youf and singer/ songwriter Jamie Scott and Tommy D., a super-producer whose collaborative CV reads like a tracklisting to an arrestingly listenable turn of the century Now! That's What I Call Music Compilation, the duo lasso shine pop sheen, minor-key Motown guitars and soulful croons together before dumping them in soul-pop pen that Mark Ronson left unattended whenever it was he decided contrived covers and more guestlists spots than the entire Skins cast could fill in ten lifetimes concluded his ceaseless quest for infamy. Graffiti6 may soon be criticised on the grounds of integrity and perhaps originality, trading in somewhat predictable chart-slaying choruses and unfathomably impeccable backing tracks. Not many would admit to a certain amount of partiality to Right Said Fred, yet with Tommy D. twiddling the knobs behind their still-inescapable greatest hit I'm Too Sexy, a fair old amount of commercial sensation is sure to be generated about their racing retro-pop gems. Tracks like Stop Mary really ought fall as flat as a Winehouse marriage proposal on Shrove Tuesday yet bolstered by lanky guitars and the most vigorous tambourine abuse since Liam Gallagher signed his own commercial suicide certificate, it's almost as venomous as Toxic. Following Scissor Sisters' descent into the doldrums of obscurity and Alphabeat becoming increasingly aggravating with every lacklustre single spawned, Starlight evinces that there's almost incontrovertibly a time and a place for the musical scribblings of this rather dynamic duo.

Stone In My Heart, the debut EP from Graffiti6 is released on 22nd March.
        Graffiti 6  by  RootMusic

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