Lights, Camera, Action: Interpol.

It's all got rather high-end over in camp Interpol, by the seems of things... Gone are the days of the dingy depression of Turn on the Bright Lights, replaced by high-tech video snippets and free downloads. Fortunately however, gone too are the days of pristine doom pop as contained within the flaccid Interpol-by-numbers of Our Love to Admire. Lights, clocking in at a rather whopping 5 minutes and 38 seconds is as poppy as Evil, as heartfelt as Take You On A Cruise. Their new logo may be a little shoddy. But basically, Lights is a raunchy update of Antics for the new decade. And the reason behind its seeping onto t'internet via the band's official site? "We're stirring. We want to show you something." Please, do show us more Mr. Banks.