On the Horizon: In the Doldrums, Zola Jesus.

Were you to imagine a pagan sacrifice in which PJ Harvey gagged Jefferson Airplane and strangled Florence, all with her languid locks in the midst of a steaming swamp, you'd be about half way between disposing of your sanity and Zola Jesus. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona Nika Roza Danilova's haunting wails have drawn somewhat conceited comparisons to the likes of Crystal Castles and the aforementioned Welch. Far less erratic than Gianfranco and without even the acutest of hairy upper lip wisps, Zola Jesus is a bone-chilling vixen as aurally enticing as a siren shot by Stanley Kubrick. Far more terrifying than her trudging lo-fi goth tendencies however, is that she's only just turned twenty. I Can't Stand is an off-kilter underground anthem, darker than the latest of walks through deserted parks and grimier than a night on the Northern line and is taken from her latest EP, Stridulum. Typically horrid artwork, gruesomely magnificent guts within.

Catch Zola Jesus later this year, when she heads out on tour with Karin Dreijer Andersson's Fever Ray.
   Zola Jesus - I Can't Stand by musicmule

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